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On August 2, 2022, City of Holland residents vote to bring high-speed fiber optic broadband to every resident.

A yes vote enables Holland BPW to expand their downtown gigabit network to the entire city.

The city is asking for a millage of up to 1.5 mills to fund the construction. To get internet service, you’d pay monthy fee. For the average Holland home, the millage + the monthly rate is under $55/month. That’s far cheaper than most internet plans, and much better speeds.

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The official informational resource is the BPW’s Holland City Fiber website.

Common Questions

Meme featuring Fred from Scooby Doo, pulling off the mask of Protect Holland Taxpayers and revealing Comcast
Learn more about who's behind the opposition.

Who can vote?

City of Holland residents (map).
Read more: How & When to Vote

What would it cost me?

You can figure it out using our calculator. The millage is based on your taxable value (typically half your home’s value). The monthly rate is the same for everyone, estimated $42/month. That includes $7/month to cover the installation fee. Once the installation is paid off, it would come off your bill.
Read more: Clarity on Cost

Don’t we have this already?

No, though some parts of downtown have BPW’s gigabit fiber network already. The two main ISPs in the City are Xfinity (Comcast) and U-verse (AT&T). Neither provide this level of service.

Does this use BPW’s existing fiber?

Yes and no. BPW has an extensive fiber network that it has been running for 30 years. However, this requires even more fiber, and in many more places. This project will go past every home in Holland.

Do I have to use the service?

Nope! You can keep using your current provider, or use both.

Who’s behind this campaign.

An informal group of local broadband advocates has been running this site since 2015 (and barely updated it). We formed the Holland City Fiber Yes Campaign, a registered Ballot Question Committee, to support this campaign. We have spent small amounts of money on yard signs and some last-minute advertising. Our funding comes from residents typically giving $5-100.

Who’s behind the opposition?

While there are some residents who don’t support this, the opposition mailers and ads are coming from Comcast and the cable industry. Comcast directly spent over $110,000 before July 17 alone!

Why did I get a text message from you?

We’re trying to counter the Comcast-funded opposition who’s spending lots of money to defeat this.

I have more questions!

No problem. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll happilly answer them.


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Yes Campaign

Our yes campaign is a small group of volunteers. We need your help to:

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