Who do you trust for Customer Service?

As the vote for Holland City Fiber approaches, it seems like a good time to talk about Customer Service.

Holland BPW, our city-owned, non-profit utility continually has amazing customer service metrics1.

96% Service Reliability

BPW does indeed have great reliability. They have their own, local crews, that take care of any issues quickly. With fiber in particular, outside of a random dump truck incident, I can’t think of a major issue since our office joined the downtown pilot.

93% Likelihood to Recommend BPW Fiber/Broadband

Not a lot of us have it yet, but those that do love it. Some downtown residents would prefer lower prices, which a Yes vote brings to the entire city.

92% Trustworthiness

People trust BPW, and a large part of that is that they know who they are. You can go talk to them. Their team is a part of the community and cares.

90% Overall Satisfaction

Nobody’s perfect, but BPW scores high. Does your current ISP score this high?

For me, I want BPW running my internet service. They’re non-profit, local, and an asset to the community.

1 Source: Holland Board of Public Works Customer Satisfaction Residential Customer Results

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