Holland City Fiber Calculator

The City of Holland may propose a small millage to build a state-of-the-art gigabit fiber optic network to every home. Use the calculator below to see how much you could save!

Enter your home’s taxable value1

Taxable Value $

Enter your monthly costs

Current Monthly Cost Future Monthly Cost
Internet2 $ $452
Fiber Millage3
Annual Savings
Monthly Costs

1 Typically half of your sale value. Average in the city is $101,097 and the median is $57,892. Don’t know your taxable value? No problem. You can find it on the City website and searching for your address.

2 $45 is the approved monthly cost of 2 Gbps broadband internet service.

3 Calculator assumes 1.2 mills. The millage allows up to 1.5 mills, but the City opted to start at 1.2. For reference, the Aquatic Center levies 1.25 mills (2019 vote). Herrick library levies 1.5 mills (2016 vote).

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