Comcast Spent Over $110,000 to Fool You

We knew Comcast was spending loads of money with their puppet group, “Protect Holland Taxpayers.” Today we learned they spent over $110,000 before July 17.

This comes from late filings with the county. Why are they late? Probably because they hoped to hide for a bit longer.

$80,000 in “in-kind” Donations

Here’s the list of in-kind they made to the campaign between June 10 and July 17:

Spreadsheet of Comcast expenses
Full data available on from Ottawa County. See "Amend Pre-Election Filing 07-26-2022

$36k on radio ads alone!

“Late” Donations

Yesterday, the group also reported $30,000 in “late” donations from Comcast, again likely hoping we wouldn’t notice.

The Opposition is Fake.

There’s a new group, “Holland Taxpayers for Fairness” and I’ve seen no evidence this is anyone local. They do have a Holland PO Box, so maybe they heard our criticism of them being a non-local group.

Why a new group? By forming after the July 17 reporting deadline, they don’t have to report spending until after the election.

Don’t believe their lies, their mailers, ads, etc. Get the facts. Ask questions. Then vote Yes!

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