• Dean Whittaker

    Area Resident
    President, Whittaker Associates

    Community broadband promotes economic development and public safety by meeting the communication needs of education, healthcare, business, and government.

  • Daniel Morrison

    City Resident
    President, Collective Idea

    Our downtown office and our employees (including me) are eager for affordable fiber. We want Holland to be a tech epicenter.

  • Craig Hall

    Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

    We are at that pivotal moment in time where we actually have an opportunity make a difference and bring affordable next-generation high-speed Internet connections into our community. We can all encourage those around us to join in that future.

  • Brian Burch

    City Resident Managing Partner, Burch Partners

    Gigabit Infrastructure means access to education resources in the home, new small businesses and a more connected workforce. It will increase value of our neighborhoods and provide new investments into our legacy homes.

  • Jerry Tonini

    City Resident
    VP, Ranger Wireless Solutions

    Holland has always been visionary in many ways, introducing power production decades ago, snow melt, and even fiber optics; we have a unique underutilized resource, our Fiber resource, and it’s time we continue our Vision for our Community and build a next generation Community Fiber Network, connecting everyone affordably to sustain our community economically.

  • Brandon Keepers

    Area Resident
    Head of Open Source, GitHub

    Fast internet enables us to connect with companies and partners around the world. It allows us to participate & compete on the world’s stage, all from the comfort of our living rooms.

  • David Rodriguez

    IT Manager, SpinDance, Inc.

    For Holland to be more competitive in the tech market, faster Internet is essential. Faster connections enable us to foster innovation and stay competitive.

  • David Steenwyk

    City Resident
    President, Macatawa Technologies

    Fast, reliable, affordable internet service is essential to the success of today’s businesses. Let’s make Holland a leader in Fiber.

  • Timothy Haines

    City Resident
    Founder, Symposia Labs

    Individuals and businesses throughout our community depend on fast internet day-in and day-out. We believe that Fiber will raise the economy and help make Holland into a TechHub.

  • Aaron Schaap

    City Resident
    Founder, Elevator Up

    Collaborating with people all over the world isn’t as possible without strong connectivity. Holland can be more than just a great place to live.

  • Seth Getz

    Local Entrepreneur and Business Coach

    The benefits of a simplified high speed connectivity option is clear for established companies but I see it being a significant attraction factor for entrepreneurs, free lancers and startup companies.

  • Mark Tanis

    Founder, President, The Image Group

    It is one of the most significant opportunities in the history of Holland. It will significantly benefit business, education, and every citizen. We need to do this.

  • Raechel Haller

    Area Resident
    Owner, Massage Sci

    Greater accessibility to the vast number of resources, tools, and information online raises our collective high-water mark, from students and families, to startups and entrepreneurs, to established mom and pop shops, and also large businesses and community organizations.

  • John Grooters

    President, Grooters Productions / Cinevee

    Everything we do is distributed to the world over the web. For us, internet speed is what steam was to ocean transportation in the 18th Century, what the the national highway system was to the trucking industry in the 20th Century. Now in the 21st Century, our business wants to be on the cutting edge of digital distribution and commerce. So – we’re all for these upgrades, and we applaud those who work so hard to keep our infrastructure current.

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