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In November, we reported that Holland BPW had a goal of 126 customers by the end of 2018, with 79 already signed up. Let’s see where we are today now that the new network is coming online.

  • Total standalone customers: 84.
  • Some multi-dwelling units run their own internal networks and take advantage of special pricing of $25/month per extra tenant. Those take the total over 100 customers.
  • 30 customers have been activated. 15 more north of 8th Street will go online in the next two weeks, and then BPW will move to the south side.
  • BPW has lowered their 2018 goal from 126 to 113 customers, due to more demand than expected for their higher price tier.
  • BPW is at almost at 75% of the 2018 goal with the standalone customers.

Customers who sign up now (and 6 already on the list) will be part of a “phase 2” build, which will take place late spring or early summer.

BPW has done zero promotion of the project since November, as they focus on built-out. We expect to see a new push once they identify a wider area that can also be in “phase 2.”

Customer hookups have taken longer than planned. We expect demand to increase once more people experience gigabit fiber.


  1. “customers who sign up now” – HOW? No signup link!

    You used to have a page where someone could put in their address to express interest, so that you could track where to expand? - where did it go?

    Hopefully you can address both of these in a subsequent update.

    March 05, 2018 at 1:06 PM
  2. Yes, BPW’s sign up page is here:

    Even if you’re not in the current area, it helps them gauge demand and pick where to go next.

    I’ve also updated the link in the post. Thanks!

    March 05, 2018 at 1:42 PM

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