Downtown Update

Holland BPW’s downtown project is in the middle of it’s construction phase. If you’re downtown you may have seen Western Tel-Com trucks with BPW “Fiber is Here” stickers. Both AT&T and Comcast have been laying a bit of fiber downtown this fall too, so there have been some of their crews around.

Here are some project stats so far:

  • 79 customers (50 basic, 22 enhanced, and 7 multi-dwelling. See our post on pricing for a refresher.)
  • This is 63% of their 1-year customer goal.
  • This is 74% of their 1-year revenue goal, due to more customers opting for the more expensive plan.
  • If no other customers sign up ever, the project will pay for itself in 12 years.

We expect more customers will sign up. We’ve heard from some people that they’re waiting for existing contracts to expire. Others can’t make the required 3-year commitment due to their lease being shorter (if that’s your concern, talk to BPW as they may be able to shorten it in some cases). At some businesses, the decision-makers are at a corporate office elsewhere. Others need to figure out how to migrate their phone systems before they take the plunge.

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