Construction in Full Swing

If you’ve been around Fiberhood #2 this week, you’ve probably seen a flurry of activity related to Holland City FIber installation.

Installation crew on Pine Ave
Installation crew on Pine Ave

These crews are “undergrounding” conduit to build out the network of fiber “passings” that will go past every home, either underground or on poles. These will generally follow power (more may be underground than power in some areas). These connect back to a central spot in each Fiberhood.

Handhole on Pine Ave
Handhole or Pull Box
Conduit emerging from the ground on Pine Ave
Conduit to a pole

As the underground crew makes progress, other crews will be putting fiber through the conduit and onto the poles. Then, another crew comes through to build the “drops” to every house (from a pole or nearby underground spot to your house). Drops will get installed when they’re ready to turn on customers, and will happen while passings are being built on other blocks.

GIS map sample showing passings and drops
Passings, drops & central cabinet in a part of Fiberhood #2

Fiberhoods #2 & #3 are actively getting built-out now, with the first customers expected to go live in “late spring/early summer”. BPW has emphasized that the Fiberhood numbers aren’t necessarily representative of the order in which they’ll get built, so we’ll wait to see which ones come next.

Keep a look out for all the activity around town!


  1. We are very interested in getting the Fiber-Internet!

    February 10, 2024 at 12:01 PM

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