Holland City Fiber Update

It has a been a while since we’ve updated, and we’re in what I think will be the hardest part of the Holland City Fiber process: waiting. Like kids waiting for Christmas, we’re waiting for what we know will be a long, slow process to get everyone connected.

Holland BPW published a new update with a few notes that’s worth reading.

Some highlights:

  • BPW hired an “owner’s engineer” and selected CTC who wrote the initial cost studies for BPW.
  • BPW is hiring for a Broadband Services Supervisor
  • They published an updated timeline, which in line with their earlier timelines. Reproduced here:

The first service node is expected to go live during the summer of 2024. Final phases should be completed by 2026.


  • August 2022 – Referendum
  • Winter 2022 – RFP for Design and Construction Services
  • Spring and Summer 2023 – Vendor Selection, network design
  • Fall 2023 – Construction begins. Construction will take place in phases, with services activated upon completion of each phase.
  • Summer 2024 – Phase 1 Go Live
  • 2026 – Final phases of construction completed

I look forward to the RFP process, but there’s still a lot of waiting to go.

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