City Council Update This Wednesday

This Wednesday, August 14, we get to hear some exciting news we’ve been waiting over 18 months for: How we could expand fiber to neighborhoods.

The 2011 study estimated that it would cost $58 million to bring fiber to the entire BPW service area. At a November 2017 study session, City Council asked BPW to return with a report of current costs and a neighborhood rollout plan. While we expected that in early 2018, we’re finally on the agenda to hear this update.

We hope Wednesday’s meeting shines light on how costs have changed in the last eight years, and potential ways to pay for network expansion. We won’t get an immediate green light. Instead, we’ll need to use this as a catalyst for community discussion on how we expand this utility to bring gigabit broadband to everyone in Holland.

While it has taken longer than we wanted to get here, we’ll focus on moving forward.

Our goal remains the same: To provide fast, affordable broadband to Holland, operated as a not-for-profit utility.

How to help

Come to the Joint City Council/BPW Study Session this Wednesday. If you have opinions of how this infrastructure will benefit us, feel free to say so at the public comment period. If you’ve benefited from the existing fiber network, share your story.

After the meeting, be ready to join the conversation. This will only happen if we grab the baton.

See you Wednesday!


  1. I think most people would go for the special assessment of $13/month on your tax bill for 20 years, and $41/month for internet service.
    With demand aggregation, could we get the $85/month cost down if we got more than 23% of an area to sign up?

    jon van duinen
    Jon Van Duinen
    August 15, 2019 at 4:33 PM
  2. I agree with Jon. I think a vote on a millage would be a great gauge of how people feel about this. I think a lot of folks are unaware that Gigabit is even on the horizon around here. Additionally, what is the conversation with Hope College? Could they be a part of paying for infrastructure just south of downtown?

    mark b
    Mark B
    August 20, 2019 at 3:59 AM

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