Downtown: Sign Up Today!

Downtowners, today is the day you can (finally) sign up for BPW gigabit fiber internet!

Holland BPW has a new website where you can sign up.

The sign up form is a little confusing. You put your street number in the first box, and street name in the second. And street names have the direction (east/west) last.

For example, 44 E. 8th Street gets “44” in the first box, and “8th St E” in the second box:


If you’re inside the initial service zone, you’ll get a form to actually sign up for service! Please fill it out and help us make this a success.

Read our explanation of the two pricing tiers if you need help deciding.

Outside of Downtown

If you’re outside the zone, that’s ok. Fill out the form anyway! This helps us tell BPW that there’s demand.

Become a Champion

You can also sign up to become a “Champion” in your neighborhood. To find the signup form, click on the shaded downtown region of the map, and you’ll see a “Become a Champion” link appear.

Animation showing how to become a champion

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