Vote is Tonight on New City Ordinance

Tonight is the most important City Council vote on broadband so far. Tonight’s meeting should see the City adopt a new ordinance allowing Holland BPW to provide Internet service.

This is the final procedural hurdle to providing service downtown. If that goes well, expanding wider is possible too.

If you can, please attend tonight’s meeting at 7:00, which serves as a Public Hearing on the new ordinance. There is time for public comment too, if you have words of support or thanks.

Tonight’s presentation gives a lot of the details. I’ll highlight a few here.


August - After tonight’s approval, the BPW can approve the construction contract on Monday, August 7.
September–October - Actual installation. The contractor will be running fiber to customers, and BPW will be setting up their back office equipment.
November - New customers come online.

Downtown businesses and residents will be able to officially “get on the list” for service next week.


The price for both business and residences is $85/month for 1 Gbps service (1,000 Mbps). Additional features (static IP, priority support) are available for $220/month.

Show your support

We hope to see some supporters at the meeting tonight. I (Daniel) personally can’t be there, but will be following along closely.


  1. Yay! Thanks for your diligence and providing update information on the process.

    alison major
    Alison Major
    August 02, 2017 at 8:32 PM
  2. On August 2, City council approved both the business plan and the ordinance amendment allowing the Holland Board of Public Works to proceed with the plan to provide shared gigabit services to residents and business. The HBPW hope to start providing service to the downtown area in November of 2017.

    Thanks to everyone for the support so far!

    August 03, 2017 at 12:49 PM

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