Wheels are in Motion!

Hello Holland Fiber supporters. We have some great news to share.

BPW working to bring fiber to the home

In meetings with Holland BPW this week, we learned that they are working on a business plan to bring fiber to the home! This is a huge first step in the process of providing affordable high speed internet.

This means in the future, we could call the BPW to get a high-speed fiber optic internet connection instead of Comcast, Charter, or AT&T! The goal is much faster speeds at competitive prices with great customer service.

There are a handful of steps that have to happen, and the BPW Board still has to approve the plan, but we have confirmation from BPW General Manager Dave Koster that his staff is actively working on this.

Pilot Project

The BPW is also working on a pilot project to test equipment and usage in a few downtown buildings (and hopefully a few neighborhoods). We’ll definitely post more information as this gets closer. We hope to have access in public places so you can experience what Holland Fiber could be.


The business plan will take at least a couple months. Concurrently, planning for the pilot project can happen with implementation in early 2016. If everything goes well, by spring they could be planning wider rollouts for implementation later in 2016.

How do I help?

  1. Encourage your friends and neighbors to sign our support form.
  2. Educate yourself on fiber and its benefits by reading our FAQ.
  3. Talk with your elected officials to let them know you feel this is important.
  4. Let us know how we can help you spread the message and what information you’d like to hear.
  5. Get excited! The wheels are in motion to bring high-speed home broadband to the Holland area!

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